Arbiton vinyl flooring - 10 reasons why you should choose it.

Arbiton vinyl flooring is designed to withstand daily use in both residential and commercial settings. The panels are made of a hard mineral core, and are scratch-resistant thanks to a special protective layer. This makes them ideal for high-traffic areas in your home - such as the kitchen or bathroom - but also for offices or restaurants.

Arbiton vinyl flooring is a durable, high-quality product, so it's no wonder it’s a popular choice for many home and business owners. Some of the reasons to consider choosing Arbiton vinyl panels include: 100% water resistance, effective use of underfloor heating, versatility of use in different rooms or, finally, high durability. Only vinyl flooring combines the features given both by natural wood and ceramic tiles.

Arbiton panels are made on the basis of a HDMC mineral core - a patented, innovative formula which combines rock minerals and modern polymers based on carbon particles. The perfectly matched proportions are what gives the HD Mineral Core vinyl flooring the most optimal performance characteristics.

Beautiful like wood - floors like natural wooden planks

Arbiton flooring is made to look like natural wood – and indeed it bears a striking resemblance to natural wooden planks. This way, it gives the panels a classic and elegant look that can complement any interior. And because they are made with a hard mineral core, they are even more durable than real wooden planks.

The floors are inspired by nature and designed by A. Design Studio keeping the latest interior design trends in mind. Each decor is the result of years of work of our designers, focusing to achieve the perfect reproduction of nature.

That's why Arbiton vinyl flooring are so easily mistaken for wooden planks. They look the same, are equally warm and pleasant to the touch, and their texture is unique and inimitable. Vinyl flooring from the AMARON and WOODRIC collections come in the widest plank version available on the market - they are as wide as 229 mm. It’s an element of design given only by natural wood. This width is also available is the Amaron SUPERIORE collection –  a collection with one of the longest vinyl planks in Europe. The length of the panel is more than 180 cm, making them look very impressive and natural.

Deep synchrone structure called the REAL WOOD STRUCTURE - appearing in selected collections - is an absolute novelty and it perfectly reproduces every detail of wood with unprecedented accuracy and resolution. It gives the effect of hyper naturalness, enhanced by a matte, elegant finish.

An additional element that makes vinyl floors from the WOODRIC collection similar to natural wood is the V bevel - DESIGN BEVEL. A wide four-sided bevel that emphasizes the size of the panel and gives this extra special touch to the floor.

Practical as ceramic tiles - vinyl flooring is a great alternative to traditional solutions

Vinyl panels are the best alternative for ceramic tiles. Like tiles, and unlike traditional floor panels, they are a fully waterproof. This feature, combined with durability, makes them an ideal choice not only for bedrooms and living rooms, but also for bathrooms and kitchens. And because they are available in a variety of colors you will find a perfect match to any interior you desire. High abrasion resistance allows the flooring to be installed in the most exploited spaces, for example, in a hallway or corridor. Installation of vinyl flooring in a floating system is ideal for apartments, and is cheaper and faster than gluing tiles. Vinyl panels are easy to install and can be cut to desired size, making them a versatile choice for any room. Nonetheless, glued vinyl panels will be unbeatable in commercial spaces such as stores and restaurants.

Vinyl panels are also easy to clean. Both floating and glued-down vinyl flooring is anti-static, does not absorb dust or dirt, and its surface is easy to clean with a mop.

Vinyl panels will also work well in the bathroom. Fully resistant to moisture, they are an excellent solution for dry areas of the bathroom. If you would like to lay vinyl flooring in the wet zone of the bathroom (e.g. in the shower), it’s also possible. In this case, you should glue down the panels, after applying additional waterproofing.

If you want to know more we invite you read our FLOOR EXPERT guides:

One space, one floor - a floor without limits

Today's apartments and houses are often designed with an open kitchen in mind and combining the living day area into one room. This way, we get the feeling of a larger, open space. We have a hallway passing smoothly into the living room and an open kitchen with a dining area. An interesting alternative to maintain the effect of open space is to use the same material for the floor. But what type of floor covering will meet all the requirements?

Which floor will be perfectly smooth, without profiles between the rooms?

Arbiton vinyl flooring is perfect for any room. In addition, thanks to the very high dimensional stability of the HD mineral core, it will be great for rooms up to 200 m2 - without any additional dilatation necessary! This way we can achieve the effect of a uniform surface throughout the house. The specially designed formula of minerals and polymers that create the core of the vinyl panels makes them dimensionally stable. This means that they do not change their dimensions under the influence of temperature changes. For example, under the influence of sunlight or underfloor heating. This characteristic is crucial to the durability of the entire floor, because older generation vinyls tended, for example, to shrink which caused the expansion of the locking system and the resulting degradation of the floor. With Arbiton vinyl panels nothing like that will happen. They guarantee an excellent appearance for years to come.

If you want to know how to perform expansion joints correctly you can read it in the guide available on our site.

And it’s not all! Thanks to PRO-S Arbiton profiles we can lay vinyl panels on the stairs. Stairs made of vinyl panels are an impressive solution, which is also a much cheaper alternative to traditional steps.

Vinyl flooring and underfloor heating are a recipe for lower energy bills!

Because of the rising prices of energy sources, there is a growing interest in underfloor heating, which, as a low-temperature heat source, is much more efficient than traditional solutions. The efficiency of the heating system is greatly influenced by the material on the floor: the better it conducts heat, the less energy is used to heat the room. This, of course, translates into costs: the more efficient heating system, the smaller the bills.

While using the underfloor heating, ceramic tiles will, of course, do a great job, but vinyl panels have comparable heat transfer properties. Next on the list, laminate panels are a much less efficient solution, and with the wooden flooring the gap becomes even greater. Wood is an insulator, so it blocks the flow of heat.

A bit higher, compared to laminate panels, price of vinyl panels will pay off as savings in electricity or gas bills after the first few years of use. For more information on vinyl panels for underfloor heating, visit our blog.

Beautiful for years - durability and scratch resistance of Arbiton flooring

Arbiton vinyl panels will serve for many long and intense years. These are products made of several layers of durable material, designed for long-term use. The highest classes of resistance for residential and commercial use, as well as a long-lasting warranty, best testify to the manufacturer's confidence in the quality of these floors.

Each production batch is checked in dozens of tests in one of the best-equipped laboratories in Europe. High resistance, therefore, must be demonstrated by each vinyl panel introduced to the market.

Arbiton vinyl panels are also 30% more scratch resistant thanks to the innovative ANTISCRATCH TITANIUM NANO LAYER varnish layer, which protects the surface.

Another thing is that the most common damage to laminate flooring is due to the lack of resistance to moisture. Vinyl panels are 100% waterproof – so they also work well in bathrooms.

Behind the Arbiton brand stands a large Polish company - DECORA S.A., present on our market for almost 30 years and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This is a guarantee of stability and responsibility.

Formaldehyde-free panels, ideal for those suffering from allergies

Common accusations leveled against vinyl panels are those related to their artificial origin. As a result, unlike natural materials, they can cause a bit of anxiety.

Meanwhile, this is what makes the floor safe for those suffering from allergies or young children. Rigorously tested Arbiton panels have all certificates allowing use in the European Union, including the CE mark. Arbiton panels also have A+ certification, the highest class of emission safety. Thus, they do not emit any volatile substances, such as formaldehydes.

Eco-friendly vinyl flooring

Arbiton vinyl panels with the mineral core are completely free of harmful phthalates and dangerous plasticizers. We manufacture our products from safe raw materials of documented origin and composition (REACH). We minimize gas emissions in the production process. HD Mineral Core vinyl panels are designed to last for many years, so the carbon footprint created during their manufacture, transportation and installation is spread over all years of use. All of our products can be recycled and reprocessed.

Finally, thanks to their optimal thermal properties and good interaction with underfloor heating, they generate real savings in the household budget and have less impact on the environment - reducing CO2 emissions by up to 60% - that's nearly 500 kg of CO2 less from one household in Europe, every year.

By choosing vinyl panels with a mineral core you remain in harmony with nature.

Huge selection of shades and formats.

Arbiton is one of the widest collections of vinyl panels on the market. A huge range of patterns and shades allows you to choose the right panel for any interior design. The range includes light gray Scandinavian decors, as well as natural, warm oak shades. In total, we can find more than 50 unique floor shades.

Arbiton is also a multiplicity of formats. In the Amaron collection, we can find Superiore panels of over 180 cm in length and 229 mm in width. Identical in width but 151 cm in length is the Amaron Wood collection. Amaron Herringbone, on the other hand, is a small panel format, which we can arrange in the classic English herringbone, double or triple herringbone, but also in ladder or squares.

Ideal solution for renovation

Arbiton vinyl panels are, depending on the collection, a 4 mm or 5 mm thick. The small thickness makes it an ideal building material for renovations. We can renew the interior, without having to dispose of the ceramics, and therefore faster and without unnecessary mess. Using the right underlay, we can cover old tiles without having to fill in the bevels. This is an excellent solution for renovating an apartment, room, hallway or even a bathroom. Vinyl panels for the bathroom are currently a very fashionable solution.

Mineral core vinyl floor panels are also easy to install, thanks to strong and proven locks licensed from the Swedish company Vallinge. The HD Mineral Core in vinyl flooring allows the use of super-strong locking system that connect the panels to each other. It is thanks to them that Arbiton vinyl flooring is strong and durable. Despite the small thickness of the panels, the locks in our floors are as much as twice as strong as the locks of traditional vinyl panels.

Designed and made in Europe

Arbiton vinyl flooring is an European product. From start to finish, it is designed and made in Europe, so we can guarantee the quality of each panel. The panels are tested for abrasion, compression, impact or water resistance. All these verification tests are carried out in Europe, according to European standards.

Arbiton vinyl flooring is a guarantee of quality and safety. Arbiton products are covered by up to 20-year manufacturer's warranty starting from the date of installation or the delivery to the client.

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