Vinyl floor for the bathroom. It makes sense

Wood in the bathroom is a trend that has not left us for several years. Because natural wood, even when it is well impregnated, will not work in the bathroom, designers are looking for new solutions.

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    Wood in the bathroom is a trend that has not left us for several years. Because natural wood, even when it is well impregnated, will not work in the bathroom, designers are looking for new solutions. Vinyl flooring for the bathroom are perfect. They are completely different from traditional floor laminated panels in a waterproof area, which is why vinyl tiles can be installed even in the shower. If we do not want cold ceramic tiles in the bathroom, let's focus on what LVT panels have to offer.

    Vinyl floor for the bathroom and more

    Until recently, ceramic tiles in board sizes were very popular. However, the solution that gives a better visual effect is vinyl flooring. Vinyl click floor can be installed in the bathroom without any problems and it is really worth it. The vinyl panels in the bathroom will delight not only with their appearance, but also with their performance properties.

    The main advantage of vinyl floors is their water resistance. We can put vinyl panels in any room. In the kitchen, bathroom or children's room. They can be placed on the stairs or even on the bathroom wall. The ease of keeping vinyl flooring clean is a huge advantage of this material. This product is resistant to moisture. The durability of vinyl panels is guaranteed by the materials they are made of – like HD Mineral Core.

    When choosing a vinyl floor for a bathroom, let's choose vinyl click floor with a mineral core. This type of vinyl guarantees dimensional stability and allows you to lay the floor on an area ofup to 200 m2 without the need for expansion joints between rooms. This product is resistant to abrasion. It has a very high utility class, so even a heavily used room will be a good place to install vinyl panels.

    Bathroom vinyl - no scraping and prying ceramics

    If you have decided on vinyl click tiles with a mineral core, you do not need to use expansion joints between the rooms. Thanks to this, we can achieve a smooth, uniform surface throughout the house (in the case of HD Mineral Core even up to 200 m2). Good vinyl floors have a number of advantages: they are completely waterproof, they are very resistant (both to impacts and scratches), and finally they are an ideal material when we have underfloor heating in the apartment.

    Importantly, vinyl panels, despite all these technical features, to the touch resemble natural, homely wooden boards. Vinyl flooring is much more suitable for the bathroom than traditional laminate flooring. The warmth effect of natural wood is guaranteed.

    Vinyl click flooring is perfect not only for the bathroom but also for underfloor heating.

    Thanks to the low thermal resistance, vinyl floors for the bathroom will effectively transfer heat to the feet of the household members.

    What if our room has an old floor? Vinyl panels for the bathroom can be installed without the need to hammer the entire floor. A suitable underlay will even out our floor and you can put vinyl floors both on walls and floors.

    The method of assembly depends on the system we have chosen. There are products mounted on glue or on a click with snap locks. Which installation method to choose depends on the quality of our walls. The underlay will even the floor, but when it comes to the smoothness of the walls, we have to work with our own hands to create a smooth surface. When choosing a specific product, pay attention to assembly issues and what glue is recommended by the manufacturer.

    The vinyl floor provides a non-slip surface

    Vinyl click floors installed in the bathroom are a worthy competitor to floor tiles. Both of these products have high abrasion resistance. However, only vinyl panels provide thermal comfort even without the underfloor heating turned on. Vinyl panels for bathrooms on the market are available in several variants. There are many manufacturers, such as Arbiton. We can mount them on a click on the wall.

    Ceramic tiles are still the most often installed in bathrooms.

    This is due to the belief that hard tiles are the most appropriate material for this room. Many people believe that only floor tiles are waterproof enough to be used in bathrooms. Meanwhile, even under tiles, a good specialist should use the so-called liquid foil. We connect the tiles with joints and this is the weakest point of this type of flooring. Over time, the grouts may chip and wash out.

    This can damage the floor and cause a leakage. And in such a situation, the only thing that remains for us is the unpleasant chipping of the tiles. The tiles are a hard material, but unfortunately they are easily damaged if a heavy object is dropped on them from a great height. Finally, the third disadvantage of tiles, which is mainly noticed by parents of young children. It is very easy to slip on the tiles, especially when wet. So we think vinyl flooring is an interesting alternative to tiles in the bathroom.

    You'll love vinyl floor in bathroom

    Good quality vinyl floor in the bathroom will be perfect. Let's choose those with a mineral core. Of course, you must remember, as in the case of floor tiles, about correct protection of the floor against moisture.

    This applies to any material that we would like to install in damp rooms exposed potentially to high amounts of water. We need to use liquid foils both on the floor and on the wall, if we also lay vinyl panels there.

    Vinyl flooring is as resistant to moisture as ceramic tiles.

    Vinyl floors are suitable for the wall of the shower cubicle. They will create a beautiful, warm cabin that will resemble an alpine mood. Vinyl flooring panels can even be used on the edge of commercial or private swimming pools. What is important from the user's point of view: vinyl panels do not require any impregnation and the only care treatment is washing them.

    Bathroom with underfloor heating - what floor you should choose?

    Each of us likes to stand on a warm, pleasant floor after leaving the bathtub or shower. Now it is possible not only on boring stoneware, but also on modern vinyl panels. Mineral core vinyl planks are already available on the market, which are ideal for underfloor heating. They have a low thermal resistance, and thanks to their structure they imitate natural wood. So if you dreamed of a wooden bathroom, but you were put off by the fact that wood and water do not like each other very much, then finally there is an alternative. And it does not have to mean tiles with a poor wood-like pattern.

    Vinyl floors dedicated to underfloor heating.

    They are more and more often installed in bathrooms, offering an amazing visual experience and a friendly feeling of warmth. They are resistant to moisture, and their additional advantage is relatively easy installation, so we will not have to use the help of a specialist when finishing the bathroom.

    The advantages of vinyl floors in the bathroom.

    Water resistance and low thermal resistance are just two features that make vinyl click floors ideal for bathrooms. Another argument is high abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. Bathrooms are very demanding spaces when it comes to the floor. We spend a lot of time in them and use them intensively (there is often a washing machine there, the weight of which can damage the floor).

    We denote the resistance of vinyl panels to damage by the so-called utility classes. It is a scale that reflects the characteristics of the floor much better than the popular abrasion class (AC 3, AC4 etc.) used in the case of laminate panels. When choosing the ideal floor for a bathroom, we should look for vinyl floors marked with 23 or 32/33 classes. Such a floor is very scratch-resistant and is suitable for rooms with high intensity of use. And the bathroom is undoubtedly such a room.

    The disadvantages of vinyl flooring in the bathroom

    Vinyl click floors are unlikely to work as an element of a shower tray - in this case, manufacturers recommend the use of ceramic shower trays. This recommendation results mainly from the necessity to make a "walk in" drain in the paddling pool, which, in the case of vinyl panels, is difficult to adequately and aesthetically secure. Are you wondering if vinyl planks are waterproof enough then?

    Vinyl Click floor with an additional wear layer

    The ideal solution is Titanium Nano Layer panels - a patented solution that reduces susceptibility to scratches by up to 30%. Finally, it is worth mentioning the structure of vinyl panels, which gives us comfort and stability - extremely important factors in the bathroom. Vinyl panels are not slippery, which makes them very safe to use in the bathroom, also for the youngest. This feature can also be useful when installing panels on bathroom walls.

    Fashionable interiors with vinyl floors

    Vinyl floors in bathrooms are a strong trend that will dominate upcoming years in interior design. There is no other universal material that can replace a slightly outdated floor tile. Vinyl floors also have the advantage over tiles that we can lay them ourselves, without the need for an expensive professional.

    There is no room where popular vinyl planks will not work. However, it is worth choosing products from recognized European producers who care about the highest quality of their products. They also guarantee with their reputation that the parameters of the panels presented on the packaging comply with the standards of European associations of floor producers (like MMFA).

    This is very important, especially when we think about flooring in such demanding interiors as bathrooms.

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