Waterproof panels - can they replace tiles on the bathroom or kitchen floor?

Waterproof panels - this phrase appears more and more often with floor displays.

Waterproof panels - this phrase appears more and more often with floor displays. This is how vinyl planks are marked, but also some other floor planks. Full and 100% water resistance distinguishes vinyl planks from laminated ones. It is also one of the biggest advantages that popular vinyls have over natural wood. However, is this feature really so important?

Waterproof panels for all rooms

A uniform floor throughout the house has been the dominant trend among architects and decorators for several years. If we would like to have a non-threshold and jointless floor surface throughout the house, there can be only one choice. The water resistance of vinyl panels, which is a necessary feature in the kitchen, vestibule or even bathroom, will be an additional advantage in a bedroom or children's rooms. Especially with the latter, a waterproof floor can be crucial.

Waterproof panels are essential in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, we spend a lot of time here. Here, too, the floor has to endure extremely difficult conditions. Not only intensive use, but also frequent spills, splashes and high humidity practically every time you cook it. Plus falling objects and we have a recipe for floor Armageddon. Therefore, waterproof and impact-resistant Arbiton vinyl click floor are a very good solution for the kitchen.

Is it worth installing waterproof panels everywhere?

Do we need a waterproof floor in the bedroom or the living room? Probably not. The bedroom is a little used room. We will not find any device that failure could cause flooding. But does this mean that vinyl planks in bedrooms are not valid? They do, but not because they are waterproof. Vinyl planks have a number of other features that make it an ideal material for a bedroom. They are quiet, pleasant to the touch and warm. They have very good thermal conductivity and therefore guarantee high efficiency of underfloor heating. They look like natural wood and are as resistant as ceramic stoneware. Besides, when choosing a floor in the house, we should consider it holistically when looking at all rooms.

Waterproof panels

Vinyl floor panels must be selected after careful analysis. It is a very wide category of products that differ in the method of installation and the materials they are made of. Vinyl click panels with Arbiton HD Mineral Core guarantee durability and water resistance.

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