Do you dream of a beautiful and warm floor? Install the vinyl click floors over the underfloor heating

Perhaps someone once told you that if you want to use underfloor heating efficiently, you should ceramic tile it. And you know what? It was true then. However, in 2021, you will find other, equally effective solutions on the market that will additionally add style and shine to your interior. 

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    Perhaps someone once told you that if you want to use underfloor heating efficiently, you should ceramic tile it. And you know what? It was true then. However, in 2021, you will find other, equally effective solutions on the market that will additionally add style and shine to your interior. That is why we have an excellent proposal for you - put vinyl click floors on underfloor heating and you will see how easy it is to combine a fashionable interior with functionality.

    Why should you install vinyl click floors on underfloor heating?

    Tell us why did you choose underfloor heating? Probably because you value modern solutions and innovative approach, you like to make your life easier and you dream of a stylish interior? Therefore, even more seriously you should consider what kind of floor you will install on the heating system. You can cover it with tiles, but be honest - do you want tiles in every room, even in the living room and bedroom?

    We don't think so. That is why vinyl floor have been created for people like you, which you can easily put on underfloor heating. They are as practical as tiles and also look much better! Thanks to this, you can have your dream, comfortable floor at home, and you do not have to give up underfloor heating for this purpose.

    They are better than tiles - put vinyl planks for underfloor heating

    Is ceramic tiles on underfloor heating the best possible option? We are eager to debunk this myth! You need to know that, although for years tiles have been an excellent duet with a floor heating installation, they are currently being replaced by other, more interesting solutions, such as vinyl click floor. And we are very glad! Because we must honestly admit that we are not big fans of tiles in every room - especially in the bedroom.

    Why is tiles on underfloor heating not a very good idea?

    Although tiles installed on underfloor heating have many advantages - they conduct heat very well with low resistance at the same time, they are effective and cheap - is it really enough to decide on them? In our opinion, no.
    Tiles on the floors throughout the apartment are an outdated idea that is very difficult to arrange in a way that is in line with modern trends. Their place is in the bathroom, perhaps in the kitchen, and preferably in the garage. Besides, once you decide to use tiles, you will probably spend half your life with them - it's still less of an evil than hell of chipping the floor. So maybe instead of going back two decades, take a step forward and see what besides tiles you can choose: e.g. vinyl click flooring for underfloor heating.

    Underfloor heating requires a unique flooring

    Underfloor heating is the essence of modern interiors. It is energy-saving, and therefore ecological. It favours minimalist interiors because it hides under the floor. It ensures uniform temperature distribution in all rooms, and additionally impresses with durability and functionality. That is why it is worth choosing a floor that will also impress with the latest generation technology.


    We have already mentioned the tiles - their undoubted advantages and disadvantages, which will definitely disqualify you if you dream of stylish rooms. So see what other possibilities in terms of flooring gives you the current interior finishing market, if you decide to use underfloor heating.

    • Wood. Classic and beautiful, but can disappoint in the long run. Why? Wood is an insulator - which means it will absorb most of the heat produced by the heating system instead of transferring it to the room. This means risk of lower temperatures, high energy consumption, a lot of frustration and zero ecology. This is not what you are striving for, are you?
    • Laminate floors. Safe and popular, but if you want them to work well with underfloor heating, you need to choose the perfect underlay. If you make a mistake, you will not be satisfied. In addition, electric heating is rather omitted - temperature differences can be deadly for laminates.
    • Vinyl floors. The black horse of this race. Beautiful, they decorate the interior and at the same time conduct heat very well. Perhaps there is no need to say anything more so that you can install vinyl floors for underfloor heating tomorrow, but just in case, we will describe the advantages of this solution to you in more detail.

    5 reasons why vinyl planks and underfloor heating are a harmonious pair

    As we have mentioned discreetly, choosing vinyl planks for a heating system floor is a great idea. Why? Because such a solution has a number of advantages and no disadvantages. See why we think vinyl floors for underfloor heating are a really great choice:

    1. In practical terms, they are as good as tiles - and they look much better.
    2. Floors with a mineral core, conduct heat perfectly.
    3. Thanks to their effectiveness in conducting heat, they reduce your bills.
    4. Energy losses are small - the vast majority of heat goes to the rooms.
    5. They are durable- they are suitable for both water and electric installation.

    Install vinyl planks on underfloor heating and enjoy your new floor!

    So, are you ready for a new floor? Warm, cosy and adding style to your apartment? You probably already know how to do this. Forget about tiles, wood and other materials! Install vinyl click floors on underfloor heating and your feet will never come into contact with the cold floor again. Doesn't it sound great?

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