Vinyl flooring Arbiton Amaron Wood EIR - MATTARI OAK - 5mm/0.55mm

Immerse yourself in the world of Asian minimalism with Mattari Oak Vinyl Flooring

Do you dream of an interior that exudes elegance, tranquility, and subtlety? Introducing Mattari Oak vinyl flooring, a product that's unique not only for its aesthetics but also for the inspirations that accompanied its creators. This is Asian ambiance encapsulated in a unique design, introducing a touch of luxury and harmony to your home. Whether you're furnishing a new apartment or planning a renovation, Mattari Oak vinyl flooring is a perfect solution for anyone who values original and functional solutions.

Utility class: 23 , 33 , 42
Top layer (mm) : 0,55
Color number: CAS 221
Shade: Bleached oak
Lenght (mm): 1 511
Width (mm): 229
Warranty: 25 years
Locking technology: 5G
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Vinyl Flooring Oak Mattari – Asian Subtlety in Your Home

Do you crave an interior with a delicate, oriental allure? Introducing Oak Mattari vinyl flooring, astonishing with its elegance and bringing a touch of luxury, Asian accent to any space.

The Spirit of Japan in Your Home

The traditional Japanese aesthetics served as the inspiration for the creation of Oak Mattari vinyl flooring (symbol CAS221). This unique product is the first in our collection where patterns of partially bleached oak wood were used as the foundation for creating the floor. The whitening on the surface creates so-called negative pores, adding exceptional charm and depth to the flooring.

The term 'Mattari' originates from the Japanese language, initially describing a "gentle yet profound taste", slowly spreading across the palate. In youth slang, this word has gained a new connotation - relaxed, chilled out. The light, bleached structure of Oak Mattari vinyl flooring in your interior will become the backdrop for your sense of wellbeing, while the warm hues of subtle pink, light beige, and peach will contribute to its appeal.

Flooring with a Unique Character

Oak Mattari is a genuine masterpiece. The décor of these vinyl floors was based on oak patterns with a pronounced floral character. They lack cuts and fissures, and numerous knots can be seen wherever round flowers appear. The whitened/bleached pores form a distinctive feature of the decor, unquestionably adding value to these floors.

Japandi Trend – A Meeting of Scandinavia and Japan

Oak Mattari vinyl flooring seamlessly aligns with the latest interior design trends. It is a proposition for those in search of uncommon solutions for their interiors. They will perfectly fit in rooms receiving less sunlight. With them, Scandinavian minimalism meets Japanese simplicity, creating a unique Japandi style.

Natural Shades and Broken White

Oak Mattari flooring can serve as the background for your interior or dominate the entire room. They blend ideally with warm, rich shades of wood, elements of geometry, and typography. Grey accents or wall highlights in the shade of dusty pink will underscore their elegance. We recommend pairing them with paint colors NCS S3020-Y80R and NCS S1500-N.

Indulge in a touch of luxury in your home with Oak Mattari vinyl flooring. Experience the genuine Asian ambiance in your surroundings!



Name Vinyl flooring Arbiton Amaron Wood EIR - MATTARI OAK - 5mm/0.55mm
Brand Arbiton
Design Wood
Collection Amaron Wood
Category Vinyl click flooring
Technology HD Mineral Core
Form Panel


Lenght (mm) 1 511
Width (mm) 229
Quantity in package 6
Number of sqm in package 2,076


Dimensional stability 0,05%
Castor chair test Passed
Locking strength 5,2/6,5 kN/m
Antistatic <2 kV
Thermal resistance 0.014
Floor Heating Yes
Technology HD Mineral Core
Thickness (mm) 5
Top layer (mm) 0,55
Utility class 23 , 33 , 42
Installation method Floating floor
Reaction to fire Bfl-S1
Impact sound noise improvement with underlay no 1 19 dB
Underlay used in 1st IS test Secura VINYL Click
Impact sound noise improvement with underlay no 2 dB 17 dB
Underlay used in 2st test 2 Multiprotec Vinyl Click
Emission Passed/E1
Locking technology 5G
Emission (VOC) A+
EAN 5905167856413
DOP RF50055/7
CE EN 14041:2004+AC:2008

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