Interior paint colours of 2023 – warm and saturated shades of nature

The colours of 2023 are all about variety, ensuring that everyone finds their own style and personal favourite. 

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    Last year, the world of interior design was dominated by shades of pale green. All the leading paint companies offered similar, pastel and mint-coloured palettes of varying intensities. This synchronicity was particularly unique, as such a situation had never happened before. The year 2023, however, is going to be very different. We are returning to a broad palette of leading shades that are sure to reign supreme in our interiors. The colours of 2023 are all about variety, ensuring that everyone finds their own style and personal favourite. From the soft, earthy colours of nature, to the various shades of yellow, blue and finally to that famous fiery red – magenta, Pantone’s colour of the year.

    How to combine colours in an interior.

    As a rule, whatever colour palette you choose, you should follow the 80:20 rule. This means that 80 per cent of an interior should be done in a neutral base colour. The remaining 20 per cent is a complementary colour – usually a stronger, more expressive one. Some architects also introduce a third colour variant. For this we tend to use a 70-20-10 distribution. The latter is an accentuating colour, which is primarily found on accessories and details. In practice, this distribution results in the floors and most of the walls being covered with the base colours. Large pieces of furniture, one of the walls, curtains or the upholstery of furniture sets are matched in complementary colours. Small accessories, such as mirrors, flower pots, photo frames or cushions, complement the interior with our third colour of choice. The colour palette should be consistent and complement one another. The colours have to really appeal to us, because we spend a great deal of time in our homes, much more than before the pandemic. A well-chosen colour palette should, on the one hand, be calming and soothing. It should also give us energy by brightening up not only the room, but also the whole interior.

    A good colour base for 2023 – the key to a beautiful interior

    The neutral colours that form the base are mainly light shades that we associate with nature. These include all shades of white, grey and beige. Soft pastel and earthy colours can also be used. Natural shades of light coloured wood also form an excellent base for floors. When thinking about interiors, we often forget that the floor is an important part of our home, and yet the choice of flooring colour has a key impact on the character of our rooms. Manufacturers of vinyl flooring in 2023 rely on light, natural shades of oak with varying degrees of grain. When choosing a floor, we should also pay attention to its key characteristics – damage resistance, durability, water resistance and pleasure of use.
    Earth, nature, beige, sand – the ideal base palette for 2023

    The year 2023 is all about beautiful natural base colours. Off-whites, natural light coloured wood, warm greys and beiges are the colours that are sure to dominate fashionable home interiors in 2023. Chocolate browns, in contrast, are more likely to appear in clubs, beauty salons and shops. In combination with gold, it is a strong but warm accent that adds harmony and nobility to the interior. The set of base colours for 2023 are atmospheric, warm shades that take us back to the Danish Hygge philosophy or the increasingly popular Japanese japandi style. The latter is a mix of styles drawing inspiration from minimalist, related aesthetics. It focuses on natural colours, economy of form and geometric shapes. From Scandinavia, it borrows simplicity, a return to nature and a toned-down colour palette. It also refers to the other key style of 2023 – Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-Sabi is a trend derived from Japanese culture. It stands for the combination of ‘wabi’ – simplicity, and ‘sabi’ – beauty. It is a direct reference to Japanese culture closely linked to the nature of transience and the art of kintsukuroi (the art of repairing broken pottery). The interiors in this style are characterised by large, open and illuminated spaces.

    Wabi-Sabi is in conflict with consumerism, by glorifying imperfection and authenticity. The interiors in this style are dominated by damaged wood, natural cement tiles or discoloured marbles. It is the ideal style for those who appreciate simplicity and authenticity. Rustic elements go well with this style. It is therefore worth reaching out for vinyl flooring with large grain and cracks. All of these colours provide the perfect setting for stronger colour accents.

    All shades of warm yellow – the colours of 2023

    The complementary colour must be bolder than the base colour. It builds up the interior and ensures that it is more interesting. It gives the room a sense of depth. The best option is to place it on one of the walls, choose built-in furniture in this colour, or opt for wallpaper accentuating the shade. As the name suggests, it is important for the colour to complement the base colour. If the main colour is a warm shade (and in 2023 this is the case), then the other elements should also be in warm shades.

    Without a doubt, one of this year's trends is warm shades of yellow. From a light earthy tone, a pastel yellow to a striking mustard colour or deep ochre. These deep and saturated colours give the room a warm and slightly earthy tone. Warm yellow is also very versatile. In modern, industrial interiors, it gives a lot of warmth and light. It is also the perfect match for period homes, inter-war townhouses or historic manor houses, as it has been used there for decades or even centuries. These colours also work well in vintage interiors referring to the times of socialist Poland. Yellow was very popular in Poland during the 1950s and 1960s. Among the colours proposed by paint manufacturers, the colour ‘Wild Wonder’ from the Dulux palette fits perfectly in this respect. It is a positive, radiant shade inspired by the natural world. It can be a great base for other, more expressive yellow colours. It also goes well with Veri Peri purple – the colour of the year 2022.

    What should I put on the floor if I decide on ‘Wild Wonder’ by Dulux? The Arbiton Herringbone Wembley vinyl flooring is sure to be a perfect match. Wembley is nothing more than a natural, fresh, light oak. When laid in a herringbone pattern, it creates an amazing impression. Authenticity, warmth and a beautiful grain pattern are the main features of this décor. Herringbone Wembley is the choice that appears most often in the top interior design magazines. It should be no surprise that it is featured on the floors of many celebrity homes. The name refers to England, which has a lot to do with the history of herringbone. The Herringbone Wembley vinyl flooring means a beautiful décor with numerous cracks and imperfections. It could easily be featured in Victorian townhouses as well as in country houses in Dufftown. Aesthetically, it harmonises perfectly with a warm yellow palette.

    Big blue – intense colour of the year

    The season's trends in colours this year include a rare energetic blue. Intense blue is one of the hottest colours for the coming season. A shade of the sky on a sunny, cloudless day, it brings positive energy and a breath of fresh air into the interior. It perfectly suits minimalist, Scandinavian, Japanese, Mediterranean and even glamour style interiors. It blends perfectly with greys, shades of white and dark navy or even black. An example would be the universal blue colour from the AKZO Nobel palette. If we have white furniture in a flat it is certain to be a perfect complement, bringing energy and a coastal atmosphere to the interior. If you decide on this colour, it is worth choosing a floor that is reminiscent of raw wood. One example would be the unique vinyl décor from the Arbiton Woodric EIR collection – Brandon Oak. Its slightly rustic texture with characteristic vertical cracks resembles natural, raw boards. The panels could be successfully used in a mountain cottage as well as in a modern apartment building. The structure perfectly reproduces the grain of the wood. This effect is emphasised by the embossing. This gives the floor a very natural look. It matches the blue and transports us to fresh oceanic regions.

    Colour accent of 2023 – fiery magenta and raspberry pink

    The intensive colour accent is the perfect complement to any interior. It is the perfect dot over the ‘i’ that adds character to a room. In this year’s Pantone ranking, the colour of the year is the bold and unusual ‘Viva Magenta’. The scarlet shade is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the strongest and brightest dyes in the world. Cochineal is a dark red dye extracted from dried, ground insects known as Dactylopius coccus. In Poland – from Polish carmine scales. These insects are found all over the world and only reach a small size – up to 5 mm. It is therefore a colour that, despite its intense hue, comes straight from nature and, for that reason alone, fits perfectly into this year’s trends. Colours in interiors have a huge impact on more than just the appearance of a room. They have an impact on many aspects, including our lives. Viva Magenta puts us in a positive and energetic mood. It adds courage and passion. The new colour of the year, according to Pantone, is powerful and empowering. It encourages experimentation and self-expression without limits. Viva Magenta is a bold, expressive colour that must be a part of the fashionable interior of 2023.

    Staying with the shades of red, Benjamin Moore has come up with the beautiful colour Raspberry Blush this year. The red-orange hue was inspired by the desire to communicate through colour, shape and sound. The charismatic shade is perfect even in smaller rooms. In larger spaces, it can be used on a fireplace or a contrasting wall. These colours can also be found in many interior design shops, which already offer curtains, cushions or pots in these unique shades of red. This year’s palette by Benjamin Moore draws on all the trends presented. It features earthy colours – Savanah Green, Cinnamon or dark Wenge, as well as base colours – soft Conch Shell pink or New Age grey.

    If we decide on a strong accent in the form of ‘Viva Magenta’ or ‘Raspberry Blush’, we should choose either a brightening light oak for the floor, e.g. Eldborg oak from the Arbiton Woodric EIR collection, or a slightly rustic accent, as in the Arbiton Herringbone Harlow vinyl flooring. This is a very natural, fresh oak colour. The grain is optimal. This colour is ideal for classic interiors as it is very traditional, timeless, dignified and warm. Herringbone Harlow flooring works well in both bourgeois townhouses and modern office buildings. Herringone flooring is suitable not only for living areas but also for heavily used office spaces due to its durability. It is no surprise that Amaron Herringbone Harlow is a frequent choice by law firms or medical clinics.

    A year of many colour possibilities

    The trends and colours proposed by brands this year are very diverse. They allow us to take a broader look at design and creative interior design. With so many inspirations, we are bound to encounter great variety and originality in architectural designs. Although there is currently no single leading aesthetic theme, thanks to the endless combinations it is easier for us to match the colours of the interior to our lifestyle and souls.

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