Modern Solution for Underfloor Heating: Energy Saving Flooring System by Arbiton

Facing the growing ecological awareness and the search for economical heating solutions, Arbiton introduces an innovative system dedicated to underfloor heating with heating films - Energy Saving Flooring System.

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    Modern Solution for Underfloor Heating

    Facing the growing ecological awareness and the search for economical heating solutions, Arbiton introduces an innovative system dedicated to underfloor heating with heating films - Energy Saving Flooring System. Leveraging years of experience in producing floors and underlays, Arbiton has developed a solution that combines heating efficiency with minimized operating costs, while maintaining a full warranty on the floor and offering a compact form of installation.

    Why Choose the Energy Saving Flooring System by Arbiton?

    • Optimization of operating costs: thanks to the properties of each component of the system, the Energy Saving Flooring system is the best solution if the floors in the home are heated with an infrared heating film. Photovoltaic panels as an energy source further reduce the operating costs of the heating system.

    • Minimal energy loss: Advanced materials and technologies ensure high heating efficiency, which translates into lower energy bills.

    • Easy and quick installation: The system allows for easy installation and minimal interference with the floor structure.

    • Quality guarantee: A full warranty on vinyl panels used with certified heating films confirms the quality of the floor and the reliability of the system.

    Key Elements of the Energy Saving Flooring System


    The ARBITON HD MINERAL CORE mineral core is an innovative solution that revolutionizes the approach to vinyl flooring. The Arbiton floor with a mineral core provides excellent thermal conductivity (much better than wood), forming the foundation of modern underfloor heating, and thanks to the exceptionally high dimensional stability of the core, it extends the lifespan of the floor.


    An advanced film used to protect the heating film from damage and water penetration, ensuring the long-term maintenance of the heating system's efficiency.


    The appropriate selection of infrared heating film from the pool recommended by Arbiton, e.g., HD-PRO HEATDECOR, ensures even heat distribution in rooms, and its heating power forms the basis of the floor heating system.


    An underlay with high compressive resistance (500 kPa), key to maintaining the stability and efficiency of the underfloor heating system. It ensures a long lifespan for the floor, both the panels and the heating films.


    A vapor barrier film that protects the system from water influence, ensuring protection of the floor and heating system in all conditions.

    Heating Your Home - The Benefits of Infrared Heating Film

    Heating films offer many benefits, from even heat distribution in rooms, increasing the comfort of using the floor, to potential energy savings. The Energy Saving Flooring System by Arbiton is designed to maximize these advantages, offering users not only comfort but also the aesthetics of modern floors.

    Floor and Even Temperature Distribution

    Underfloor heating is considered one of the healthiest home heating solutions. By using heating film in buildings, heat emanates evenly from the entire floor surface, eliminating cold feet problems and ensuring an optimal temperature distribution throughout the room. Additionally, the installation of heating film minimizes air movement, which contributes to reducing the amount of dust and allergens.

    Technology and Materials

    The Energy Saving Flooring System uses the latest achievements in material science. Vinyl panels with the HD Mineral Core ensure exceptional durability and are resistant to temperature changes, crucial for an efficient floor heating system. Furthermore, the use of certified heating films and specially designed underlays, such as SECURA HEAT VINYL CLICK, provides optimal conditions for heat conduction and its even distribution.

    Installation and Operation

    One of the main advantages of the Energy Saving Flooring System is its ease of installation. The system is designed with minimal interference in mind with the existing floor structure, making it an ideal solution for both new constructions and renovations. Moreover, heating films offer low operating costs and the possibility to use solar energy for power, making the heating system exceptionally economical in the long term.

    Electric Underfloor Heating - Sustainable Development and Ecology

    The Energy Saving Flooring System by Arbiton, plus heating film, fits into global trends of sustainable development and ecology. Using renewable energy as a source of electrical energy not only contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions but also allows for decreasing the carbon footprint of households. Thus, the heating film, as part of Arbiton's underfloor heating system, is not only a practical choice but also an ecologically conscious one.

    Warranty and Support

    The heating film (max. 80W) used with the Energy Saving Flooring System along with Arbiton floor panels allows for maintaining their full warranty. A long-term warranty on floor panels, combined with the high quality of materials and a modern solution, ensures that the floor along with heating

    Aesthetics and Design

    Besides practical and technological advantages, the solution for underfloor heating that uses Arbiton vinyl panels also stands out aesthetically. Modern vinyl panels available in many patterns and colors perfectly imitate the look of wood, allowing for matching the floor to any room, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. Additionally, the entire solution, including the floor, is only 10mm high - making this method of heating the floor applicable in every room of our home.


    The Energy Saving Flooring System by Arbiton is an innovative solution that combines efficiency, ecology, and aesthetics. The heating film, as a method of heating, supported by Arbiton solutions, is the ideal choice for those looking for a modern and economical way to heat the floor. Thanks to easy installation, low operating costs, and warranty support, the Energy Saving Flooring System is a thoughtful investment that ensures comfort, warmth, and beautiful floor panels in every home.

    By choosing the underfloor heating system by Arbiton, you are opting for a solution that allows you to enjoy a beautiful and functional floor while ensuring efficient heating of the living space. With the use of the latest technologies and materials, this system represents a perfect combination of innovation, design, and sustainable development, offering a solution fit for the 21st century.

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