Кут внутрішній LARS ДУБ ЕЛЕГАНТНИЙ 32 - Arbiton

LARS is available in 18 universal colours. This modern shaped skirting boards offers cable channel to accommodate necessary installation. 70 mm of height will be perfect for every room. Clear wood structure will influence natural look. Installation with dowels is easy as the cable channel can be unmasked and there is a space for drilling. Super time efficient. There is also possibility to mount the skirting with double adhesive tape. Dedicated accessories will shorten even more installation process. Cable channel can be integrated with special Multibox, where you can mount all connectors and outputs. As much as 26 mm of thickness will be a big advantage when used in renovation or by DIY enthusiasts to cover all cutting mistakes.

Колекція: LARS
Бренд: Arbiton
Декор: Кут внутрішній
Номер кольору: 32
Локалізація Знайти в магазині

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Категорія Аксесуари
Назва Кут внутрішній LARS ДУБ ЕЛЕГАНТНИЙ 32 - Arbiton
Технологія POLYMER
Висота (мм) 70
Розмір шва (мм) 26
EAN 5905167784846

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