Why is it worth laying vinyl click floors on ceramic tiles?

Tiles in the kitchen, tiles in the bathroom, tiles in the hall - this is the obligatory starter set for most Polish apartments from the last century.

Tiles in the kitchen, tiles in the bathroom, tiles in the hall - this is the obligatory starter set for most Polish apartments from the last century. Back then, tiles were widely available, comfortable and hygienic. However, currently on the market you will find other modern, easy-to-install and hassle-free solutions, so there is no reason to continue living in tiled interiors. Our advice? Put the vinyl click floors on the tiles! You don't even expect how simple it is.

Refresh your old apartment by laying vinyl over the tiles

The 90s gave us a longed-for breath of freedom, and in some areas even absolute lack of boundaries. For example, in the interior design industry. The tiles were available in so many designs and colours that people, encouraged by the huge choice, decided to use them to finish not only kitchens and bathrooms, but also floors in bedrooms and living rooms. Back then, tiles were king!

Is that right? It is not for us to judge. However, we know that in 2021 the trends are completely different. Unfortunately, many interiors with tiles on the floors have survived unchanged until now, scaring more than creating style. And no one wants to live in the house of fear… So how to change the flat, insulate it and give it a new character? You can carry out a major renovation by chaffing the floors and taking each room out of use in turn. But you can also install vinyl click floors on tiles and enjoy your new interior soon!

Vinyl click floors for tiles – advantages of this solutions and installation tips

Renovation very often is associated with high costs and even greater effort. Usually the old floor has to be chaffed down first, which means noise and dirt throughout the house. You have to take away heavy waste somewhere, you have to vacuum constantly, you have to accept the fact that dust is everywhere. If you chuck tiles in the kitchen, forget about warm dinners, if in the bathroom - you take a bath in a bowl for some time. And all of this usually takes twice as long as originally assumed. Sounds daunting, right?

Fortunately, there is also another, easier solution. You can quickly renovate your floors by laying vinyl click floor over the tiles. It is a simple and effective way to refresh all rooms in the house. Such panels are very durable, resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, therefore they are suitable even for the kitchen and bathroom! Additionally, their assembly is very simple. How to go about it? We'll tell you right away.

Why is vinyl click floor good for tiles?

Note that not all materials can be placed on the tiles. For example, if you put a new layer of tiles on top, the floor level will rise by 10-14 mm. For laminated panels, it will be 10 mm. What does this mean in practice? You will potentially have to trim the door at the bottom and you might create a small step that can bring risk of tripping where the new floor meets the old one. Fortunately, this problem will go away if you choose a vinyl floor that is extremely thin.

Find out about the advantages of vinyl click panels

If you want to renovate your floor, but you don't want to start the tedious and dirty process of chipping tiles, choose vinyl floor. This solution has many benefits for you, because these types of floor:

  • are only 2-5mm thick, so there is virtually no difference in floor height. It is ideal as a uniform surface throughout the apartment or house,
  • they are waterproof, so they are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or hall, which you enter in winter with wet shoes,
  • they are hard and very durable. They can withstand a lot, e.g. falling pots, toys, exercise dumbbells, medicine balls,
  • they fit perfectly with underfloor heating due to their low thermal resistance (meaning they absorb very little of the heat generated by the heating system- unlike many other materials such as floor boards). In addition, vinyl planks themselves are warm and pleasant to the feet,
  • they are hygienic - they do not adhere a dirt, they are easy to clean and disinfect, so they will be perfect for allergy sufferers,
  • they are surprisingly quiet! They muffle sounds more than ordinary panels,
  • are really easy to assemble. You can install vinyl click floors on tiles quickly thanks to the modern floating system (the so-called "click"). The system allows the panels to be joined with a lock, without the use of glue.

How to install vinyl planks directly on tiles?

If you choose vinyl planks, you can choose glued (so called dryback) or those with a floating system, i.e. the so-called "click". Glue panels are a bit thinner, and their installation takes more time and it is much more difficult to do it by yourself. And the effect? It can be fantastic on both types.

Additionally, glue vinyl planks must be placed on an even surface, which means that the joints between the tiles must be carefully evened out. In the case of vinyl click flooring, the matter is much easier. If the gaps between the tiles are up to 5 mm wide and up to 1 mm deep, all you need to do is use a suitable underlay, eg Multiprotec Vinyl Click and you do not have to level the joints anymore, so the work will be clean and fast. Click-mounted Arbiton vinyl floors can be placed not only on tiles, but also on:

  • cement and anhydrite floors
  • self-leveling screeds,
  • glued parquet.

Remember to always put the panels on an even surface - this will prevent deformation in the future, so an appropriate underlay is essential. If you have underfloor heating, turn it off a day before installation and turn it on gradually the day after the panels are installed.

You can carry out such a floor renovation yourself in a few hours. This means that overnight you can thoroughly refresh any room in your home! And without much effort. Do we have to convince you even more that the idea of laying vinyl floor on tiles is a great solution?

Thanks to vinyl click floor, your apartment will take on a new character

Finally get rid of the old floor, put the vinyl floor on the tiles and feel that you live in the 21st century! You do not have to hire a professional, you do not have to incur unnecessary costs. Now you can carry out the renovation yourself and thus quickly refresh all rooms. The laminate floor is warm and the rooms immediately feel cosier. Therefore, if you still have ceramic floors from years ago, you have lived with them long enough. Time for a change, so choose vinyl click floor!

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