Mineral Dryback - New generation glue down vinyl flooring

If you want a durable and damage-resistant flooring, it is worth choosing the Arbiton vinyl flooring with an HD mineral core that are glued down. In addition to high durability, this flooring is also energy-efficient and has a unique design.

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    Every year, the floors in our homes are subjected to many events. Women in high heels test their durability at parties and gatherings with friends, muddy shoes leave difficult-to-remove marks, and the paws of our furry friends equipped with claws leave nothing untouched on the floor. In addition, children like to experiment with gravity, dropping various objects from one level to another. If you want a vinyl flooring that is resistant to such damages, it is worth choosing the Arbiton glue down vinyl flooring with an HD mineral core. In addition to high durability, this flooring is also energy-efficient and has a unique design.

    The Arbiton Woodric Mineral Dryback collection features 24 unique colors that impress not only with their appearance, but also with extreme durability. This eco-friendly flooring solution is in line with the "zero waste" idea. The luxurious vinyl flooring with a mineral core in 24 unique colors are a product made using innovative technology, providing users with what is missing from other solutions such as vinyl click panels, laminate panels, or traditional lvt dryback made 100% of PVC.

    Why is it worth considering the Woodric glue down vinyl flooring

    The Arbiton Mineral Dryback are the first on the market to have a mineral core and be glued down. They are very practical and have a pleasant, unique texture that looks even better than natural wood. The mineral core is made up of rock minerals and polymers, which is an innovative formula on our market. Thanks to this, the panels are extremely durable.

    Mineral Dryback panels are 2.5mm thick. Thanks to their excellent thermal stability, these panels will maintain their perfect appearance on the floor for many years. The mineral core ensures that the panels do not shrink due to changes in temperature, which is extremely important to avoid inconvenient gaps between the panels that manufacturers of glue down lvt had to deal with before. This revolutionary technological product impresses not only with its beautiful, natural appearance and rich color palette, but also with its practicality - offering the highest thermal conductivity and complete waterproofing on the market.

    The best solution for underfloor heating

    To make underfloor heating effective, it is important to choose the right flooring covering. The thickness and type of material have an impact on efficiency. The denser the material, the better it conducts heat. The key parameter is the thermal resistance (marked as R), which determines how well the material conducts heat and utilizes the energy of the system. Experts have set a threshold value for the R parameter for the entire underfloor system at 0.15 m2K/W, below which the underfloor system is efficient. Arbiton Mineral Dryback achieve amazing results - their R parameter is only 0.01. This is a result 3-4 times better than the average for traditional LVT. What's more, this parameter is better than that shown by ceramic tiles, which were considered the best material for underfloor heating. Compared to three-layered wooden flooring with an R parameter of over 0.12, glued vinyl flooring from Arbiton have a thermal resistance over ten times smaller! Thanks to these solution, your home will always be warm and cost-effective to maintain.

    The durability of Woodric Mineral Dryback is one of the most important features!

    Vinyl flooring with a mineral, hard core are used to ensure stability and impact resistance. The mineral core also provides incredible resistance to residual dents, which in the case of Arbiton glue down flooring are up to 5 times smaller than in traditional lVT. This means that the floor does not deform under the weight of heavy furniture. Additionally, Arbiton floors have an ANTISCRATCH layer of lacquer that protects against micro-scratches.

    Every day we make many important decisions and live in a fast-paced and demanding world. Therefore, when choosing a floor, we want it to be an easy decision. That's why glued vinyl panels from Arbiton Woodric are the perfect choice - they provide a flawless, beautiful floor that will accompany us for many years. We no longer have to worry about small accidents, such as a broken vase in the living room, because our floor will be resistant to damage

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