Herringbone vinyl click floor or classic parquet? We compare both options!

Until now, there has been little choice - if you wanted a timeless herringbone on your floor, you had to opt for wooden parquet. 

Until now, there has been little choice - if you wanted a timeless herringbone on your floor, you had to opt for wooden parquet. However, a new possibility has recently appeared on the market - vinyl click floor with a mineral core, which you can also arrange in this traditional floor pattern. What are the advantages of this solution? Can vinyl floor in herringbone compete with parquet? Let’s have a look at both options.

Herringbone pattern - where did this idea come from?

The characteristic herringbone is a classic floor, the source of which can be found in ancient times. Already in the Roman Empire, this pattern was used when laying famous roads - thanks to this, the stones held better and the surface was more durable. Herringbone appeared in salons much later, in France, in the middle of the 16th century, but it did not become a real hit until the 19th-century court of Queen Victoria. In Poland, this traditional floor pattern became fashionable at the beginning of the 20th century. It was especially liked by wealthy townspeople, and to this day it decorates the floors of many pre-war tenement houses. That is why we associate herringbone with splendour, wealth and luxury for a reason.

What can I say, although it looks great, a wooden floor is not cheap. You have to take into account not only the purchase itself - also the assembly costs a lot, plus maintenance. Is it possible to somehow skip it and still enjoy the beautiful, timeless floor?

Modern technologies come to the rescue, thanks to which you can have two in one: a floor that looks like alive out of the last century and a technically advanced, durable material. We present you a solution - modern vinyl click flooring with a mineral core, designed specifically so that you can freely arrange them in a classic pattern. Now you can decide what you prefer: parquet or herringbone panels?

Vinyl click floors with mineral core - a new way to install panels in herringbone pattern?

What are SPC (solid polymer core) vinyl floor? These are new generation panels. Built like vinyl panels, additionally enriched with a core made of a combination of polymers and rock minerals. This is how the strongest and most durable panels that exist on the market were created. They are very thin, but heavy - because their strength lies in the high density of the material.

Vinyl click floor with a mineral core is characterized by exceptional durability - this is a new generation floor. See the Amaron Herringbone collection by Arbiton, which has been specially designed for the popular herringbone pattern. It is thanks to this modern solution that you can enjoy a floor that looks like a parquet. The color and texture of Amaron Herringbone panels almost perfectly imitate the appearance of real wood, without requiring any special maintenance.

Parquet or herringbone panels - pros and cons

Each solution has its good and bad sides. Both parquet and vinyl planks with a mineral core have their honest followers. What makes people reach for one specific type of finish? Let's see what the pros and cons of these two options are.

Wooden parquet:

  • timeless, elegant look,
  • natural, wooden floor,
  • considered by many to be a symbol of luxury,
  • many possible arrangements,
  • costly and troublesome assembly - requires laborious gluing,
  • expensive to maintain,
  • susceptible to damage, it lacks water resistance - therefore it is not suitable for the kitchen and bathroom,
  • requires regular maintenance and refreshing every few years.

Herringbone panels:

  • cheaper solution,
  • thanks to the use of the latest technologies, vinyl click floor with a mineral core are remarkably similar to wood,
  • very durable,
  • resistant to mechanical damage, water, temperature changes, sunlight and UV radiation,
  • do not require dilatation up to 200 m2,
  • suitable for kitchen and bathroom,
  • have antistatic properties - they are also good for allergy sufferers,
  • do not need any special treatments or maintenance,
  • both assembly and disassembly are not very problematic.

The possibilities do not end with herringbone ... what other patterns can you create with Arbiton panels?

The timeless herringbone pattern is by far the most popular pattern you can arrange on your floor. However, that's not all that the world of flooring can offer to you. Perhaps you are interested in other, more or less classic solutions? Using the Arbitron mineral core vinyl click floor, you can arrange the panels in an English pattern, a ladder and a chessboard pattern. What are all these patterns characterized by?


• very popular and known for a long time,
• once the queen of dance floors and a favourite at courts,
• laid alternately diagonally from panels of the same length,
• elegant and timeless,
• a synonym of luxury.

English pattern

• as the name suggests, comes from England,
• its strength lies in its simplicity,
• suitable for minimalist arrangements,
• although it is very tradditional, it fits well with modern interiors,
• laid with panels installed in parallel, along or across the room,
• has a second version - an English diagonal pattern that looks the same but is reflected 45 degrees to the wall.


• you won't go high on it, but it looks great,
• impressive in large rooms - ballrooms, public spaces, really big salons,
• not suitable for small interiors,
• decorative, sophisticated pattern - can be difficult to arrange,
• placed alternately vertically and horizontally. Vertical panels are much longer than horizontal panels. The whole thing gives a visual effect of a ladder - hence the name.


• other name - basket pattern,
• built into squares arranged alternately vertically and horizontally,
• a very classic parquet pattern,
• unlikely to fit in small rooms - it will look good in larger spaces.

Panels or parquet? The decision is yours!

You know best what kind of floor you dream about. However, if you choose herringbone panels, choose Arbitron mineral core panels that will delight you with both their aesthetic appearance and exceptional durability. For such a floor, you only need to choose the appropriate skirting boards and now - the first stage of finishing the apartment is behind you.

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